Wednesday, 15 July 2015

GPSC Sample Question Papers With Answers

Dear applicants if you are looking for GPSC Previous Years Papers then you no need to search anymore because here we are provided GPSC Sample Question Papers with Answers for better practice & preparation in examination.

 (1) In Computers, One Byte equals to how many Bits?
A. 4
B. 8
C. 12
D. 16
Ans. B

(2) Within the transporting medium, transport can occur by

A. suspension
B. solution and traction
C. solution
D. All of the above
Ans. D

(3) When was the first cricket Test match played?

A. 1873
B. 1877
C. 1870        
D. 1788
Ans. B

(4) The two elements that are frequently used for making transistors are

A. boron and aluminium
B. silicon and germanium
C. iridium and tungsten
D. niobium and columbium
Ans. B

(5) In a bag, there are coins of 25 p, 10 p and 5 p in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3. If there is Rs. 30 in all, how many 5 p coins are there?

A. 50  
B. 100
C. 150
D. 200
Ans. C

 (6) What is the name of first indigenously developed Super Computer of India ?

(A) Tejas
(B) Anupam
(C) Aryabhatt
(D) Param
Ans. D

(7) The average weight of A, B and C is 45 kg. If the average weight of A and B be 40 kg         and that of B and C be 43 kg, then the weight of B is:

A. 17 kg       
B. 20 kg
C. 26 kg       
D. 31 kg
Ans. D

(8) How many times in a day, the hands of a clock are straight?

A. 22  
B. 24
C. 44  
D. 48
Ans. C

(9) The latitude 'AA' on the map represents the

A. Tropic of Cancer
B. Tropic of Capricorn
C. Equator
D. None of the above
Ans. C

(10) How many gold medals did P.T.Usha win in the 1986 Seoul Asian Games?

A. 1   
B. 2
C. 3   
D. 4
Ans. D

 (11) Which of the following is not an isotope of hydrogen?

A. Tritium
B. Deuterium
C. Protium    
D. Yttrium
Ans. D

(12) The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a college is 7 : 8. If the percentage increase in the number of boys and girls be 20% and 10% respectively, what will be the new ratio?

A. 8: 9
B. 17: 18
C. 21: 22      
D. Cannot be determined
Ans. C

(13) A man buys a cycle for Rs. 1400 and sells it at a loss of 15%. What is the selling price of the cycle?

A. Rs. 1090   
B. Rs. 1160
C. Rs. 1190   
D. Rs. 1202
Ans. C

(14) Which canal connects Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea ?

A. Erie Canal
B. Indira Gandhi Canal
C. Panama Canal
D. Suez Canal
Ans. D

(15) A car owner buys petrol at Rs.7.50, Rs. 8 and Rs. 8.50 per litre for three successive years. What approximately is the average cost per litre of petrol if he spends Rs. 4000 each year?

A. Rs. 7.98   
B. Rs. 8
C. Rs. 8.50   
D. Rs. 9
Ans. A

(16) How many times are the hands of a clock at right angle in a day?

A. 22  
B. 24
C. 44  
D. 48
Ans. C

(17) The group of minerals chemically containing hydrocarbons is

A. silicate group
B. organic group
C. oxide group
D. hydride group
Ans. B

(18) Which county did Sunil Gavaskar play for?

A. Somerset  
B. Worcestershire
C. Warwickshire      
D. Glamorgan
Ans. A

(19) Potassium nitrate is used in

A. medicine   
B. fertiliser
C. salt
D. glass
Ans. B

(20) German shepherd is a popular breed of?

A. Dog
B. Cat
D. Horse

Ans. A